A Kids-Eye View: Tilly Foster Farm by Peter F. Paradise II

Brewster, NY – Do your kids love farm animals as much as I do? Have they ever wondered where farm-to-table restaurants get their vegetables? Tilly Foster Farm has what you’re looking for.

The farm animals, which are not eaten, include alpacas, chickens, goats, ducks, horses and Kunekune pigs (and, if you’re lucky enough to see it, an otter hanging out in the pond). There are plaques with the names and facts about the animals at the farm. My favorite animals were the miniature horses. Lisa Walker, who works at the farm, showed us around and introduced us to

the animals.

Last year, the farm grew 12,000 pounds of vegetables which help supply Tilly’s Table with summer squash, zucchini, lettuces and herbs (and other types of fruits and vegetables). Chef George Reyes, head chef at Tilly’s Table, uses the produce at the restaurant. I met with chef Reyes personally as he was prepping for Thursday’s dinner service. The restaurant is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Visit the website at putnamtillyfoster.com to learn more about the farm and restaurant.

Peter F. Paradise II is a 10-year-old Putnam County resident, who loves

photography, hockey, baseball and outdoor adventures.